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"Fields Beneath" is a series of instrumental tracks inspired by a book of the same name, by author Gillian Tindall.

The book describes the land which lies beneath the streets and buildings of Kentish Town in North London. It is the history of the village and surrounding fields that were gradually, layer by layer, built over and absorbed into present-day London.

The streets of Kentish Town follow the patterns of older settlements which in turn were shaped by the natural life of the land. The history of this London district typifies the history of many other districts in many other cities.

It is this history and evolution that inspired the EP, which is a collection of instrumental beats, incorporating elements of boom-bap era Hip-Hop, Lofi and Jazz that capture the essence of this very distinct section of London.

Track Listing

  1. Watercourses
  2. Ordinary People
  3. Dustground
  4. North Road
  5. 122 Houses

Pressing Information

Lossless audio 16-bit WAV download

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