Oneo Fakind

Oneo Fakind is an eclectic electronic experiment. The duo formed in 2017 and their debut album Your Secrets are Safe With Us was born in a frenzy of emails and live jamming on subways. Fusing elements of ambient and psychedelic electronica with hip hop and trap, the project invited listeners to share their darkest secrets.

In 2018 the duo released their sophomore album Friendly Reality Ambush Squad, with more complex and layered work but the same signature blend of beautifully disparate elements meshing in surprising and often uplifting ways.

Released in the midst of a pandemic their third full length album, 2020's The Death of Us, continued to surprise and excite even as it invited reflection and slowing down.

Oneo Fakind’s following album The Start of Something bursts with new sounds and ideas as it attempts to shine a light on the cosmic beauty of the world after a dark and turbulent year.

The duo's EP Life in the Background is released on OAKHI Records in March 2022