SoundBlocks - aka Louie Lee - is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer from Camden Town in North London. His musical influences are representative of the rich and varied musical culture of the area, ranging from Hip Hop and UK Garage, through House and Electronic, to Jazz and Blues. Although originally starting out producing hip-hop, infused with sampled breakbeats and his own live instrumentation, Lee is now just as comfortable creating electronic soundscapes incorporating synthesisers, field recordings and vintage drum machines. 

As a producer and composer, SoundBlocks draws a lot of his inspiration from the physical environment. In particular, the post-industrial landscapes, architecture, transportation networks, music, and people of the urban jungle of North London. These influences are reflected through his creative use of sampling, his interpretative piano improvisations, and his diverse musical range. 

The EP Fields Beneath was released on OAKHI Records in January 2022.