Obscenity State - Last Night I Dreamt

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Obscenity State - Last Night I Dreamt

Tuning View is the second single release for Obscenity State, taken from her debut single Last Night I Dreamt. The EP was Inspired by Obscenity State's love of club culture and the shared euphoria that she fondly recalls.

Obscenity State's Nilly Brook recreates that euphoric pull with a classical composition approach to the musical elements. Undulating moments of tension and release, layering melodic counterpoints and subtle dissonant shifting pitches flow throughout the EP to heighten the hypnotic engagement of the shifting rhythms.

Exploring the depths of analogue synthesis, Obscenity State has created an uplifting energetic body of work with appeal that transcends the club floor walls.

The EP title is based on a poem by the Persian mystical poet Hafiz, a guiding hand whose philosophy flows throughout her work.

Parallel to the music are mesmerising sci-fi inspired audio-visual images that feature across the single and album covers as well as in her live audio-visual show.


Track Listing

  1. Tuning View
  2. Dust
  3. Legno
  4. Last Night I Dreamt

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