Boltex - Flowerpots and Fireplaces

  • Boltex - Flowerpots and Fireplaces

Boltex - Flowerpots and Fireplaces



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Boltex explores the burdens and fears of an ordinary man's everyday life.

The 6-track EP Flowerpots and Fireplaces tells the story of a day in the artist's life, from morning to dusk.

In this existentialist journey through the sequential phases of a typical day (which ultimately reflects the phases of life itself) the artist moves with uncertainty and circumspection through what he sees and experiences, his deep thoughts intertwined with the material weight of everyday objects.

When evening comes, the only certainty is that tomorrow is another day.

Artwork: Sjoerd Beijers (@sjoerdbeijers)

Track Listing

  1. Lifecycle
  2. Dreamless
  3. Flowerpots and Fireplaces
  4. Is This Future
  5. Spirit Away
  6. Carry On

Pressing Information

Lossless audio 16-bit WAV download

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