Ethereal is OAKHI Records’ first ever vinyl series.

The series presents a selection of five electronic artists,
each one releasing an exclusive 7” vinyl.

Five artists travel through time, space and sound, taking different directions and
generating collisions
along new orbital routes.

Sorry! Preorders are now closed.

You can order individual titles when they become available in conjunction with their digital release.


Ethereal 1

Iloh (FRA)

Electronic performer Iloh is a winner of the Diggers Factory Challenge and participated in a sound exhibition at the Panthéon de Paris.

He performs live using synths and drum machines with his crew Analog Catharsis, firing up venues around Lyon with his mix of IDM and techno.

He is also a member of techno duo ‘Paradoxical Nod’, dedicated to improvisation on stage.

In Ethereal 1, Iloh explores the worlds of trip hop and glitch IDM with an atmospheric yet unsettling sound.

Side A: Stretched Time (4:27)
Side AA: Last Pulse (4:00)

Release: September 2022


Ethereal 2

TDC Tunes (UK)

Live improvised modular artist TDC Tunes creates original electronic music with analogue, digital and modular synthesisers.

Producing tracks in his North London studio by day, at night he performs improvised sets on a modular synthesizer.

He plays a live set on his Brixton Radio show, every Monday at 9pm.

For Ethereal 2, TDC Tunes has created two warm and rhythmic tracks with an embracing sound, reflecting around the repetitiveness of forward movement through time and space.

Side A: Time (3:27)
Side AA: Space (3:26)

Release: September 2022


Ethereal 3

Maestracci (FRA)

Nurtured in pop, trained in acousmatic, electro-acoustic and contemporary music, producer Maestracci draws from his Corsican roots’ ancestral values, such as the sharing and transmission of memory.

With padded atmospheres intermingled with more synthetic rhythms, Maestracci's music is the colourful fusion of impressionist melodies with binary pulses, sometimes groove, often pop.

In Ethereal 3, Maestracci presents The History of the True Cross EP, inspired by a cycle of frescoes painted by Piero della Francesca in Arezzo (Italy).

Side A: Death of Adam (2:53)
Side AA: Burial of the Wood (3:49)

Release: October 2022


Ethereal 4

Oneo Fakind (CAN)

Oneo Fakind is an eclectic electronic experiment. The duo formed in 2017 and their debut album Your Secrets are Safe With Us was born in a frenzy of emails and live jamming on subways.

The duo moves comfortably through lofi sensibilities, moments of contemplation and psychedelic electronica, with their unique blend of immersive sounds and unexpected wake-up calls.

Ethereal 4 is for Oneo Fakind an occasion to dive even deeper into their search for the perfect balance between evocative soundscapes and wonky drum patterns.

Side A: You Disappear (3:47)
Side AA: Medicinal (4:12)

Release: October 2022


Ethereal 5

SoundBlocks (UK)

SoundBlocks - aka Louie Lee - is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer from Camden Town in North London. His musical influences are representative of the rich and varied musical culture of the area, ranging from Hip Hop and UK Garage, through House and Electronic, to Jazz and Blues.

Although originally starting out producing hip-hop, infused with sampled breakbeats and his own live instrumentation, Lee is now just as comfortable creating electronic soundscapes incorporating synthesisers, field recordings and vintage drum machines.

Side A: Backwaters
Side AA: Apothecaries

Release: November 2022


Exclusive perks

Pre-orders for the whole series (5 vinyl) are now closed.

Support the artists

All profits from sales are directly split 50/50 with the artists. This supports the artists while they continue making music, and allows OAKHI Records to invest in new projects, like this one, for you to enjoy.

We will always focus on highlighting great music and bringing it to new audiences.


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